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    patrick (Samstag, 09 Juli 2011 17:19)

    Sorry about not using German. It's a good start. Next time master Chen will announce it.

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    Kenneth (Montag, 11 Juli 2011 00:36)

    I also will not use German. The site is great thank you to the master and the team that created this!!! I want to write about the experience from sat. Yesterdays excersize with the master. It was strong. I didn't see anything or speak anything during exersize. I didn't see any levels no beings. I did however when the excersize began heard the hallelujah chorus in the first two mins. it was a chorus of voices but even this but this left as I just concentrated on my hands and the kugel in steiss point. My whole body was cleared of stress and tension with this kugel, karma and disease. As I went deeper into my heart space I didn't see anything or hear anything. Deeper into the heart as my body my uhr Geist were cleaned by this Qi. As I went deeper I didn't see any point like before no picture. Towards the end of the excersize I felt the heaven and earth come into my heart space but I couldn't see them. Even my breath I didn't feel anymore at the end it was there but not there. Thank you master for this excersize I really needed it. I haven't had time to excersize but I notice that the pictures that I normaly see, the levels that I normaly see were not there even the points in the heart were not there only the kugel, breath and holding the hands were there. I noticed that I felt better after excersizing lighter and clearer in my head.

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    Kenneth (Montag, 11 Juli 2011 10:18)

    I can't write in German so well. How do we transfer what we learn in the seminares to the everyday life? How do we cultivate ourselves in the everyday life? I find the everyday life much harder more complex than any Qi gong excersize. In my everyday life I am singing practicing at the theatre or waiting. How do I wait in between practice sessions? I am clear in the center and flexible. I try to practice this way in Qi gong but normaly I am not so clear I don't stay in the center and become stiff during Qi gong excersize. Then I learned regardless of what pictures or thoughts arise to not pay any attention to them they come they go. By excersizining Qi gong you see a beautiful picture or not beautiful picture, it comes it goes. In the everyday life i also try this regardless what happens in my day good experience or not good experiences I am not too happy nor too sad. When people are mad with me or praising my talent or work or complaining I stay in my heart the same. Regardless what happens I go with what life gives me.

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    Kenneth (Donnerstag, 14 Juli 2011)

    Yesterday I was excersizing in a church with a strong energy. My excersize was to be there 100 percent with my awareness. I was sitting in this strong field waiting. After a long time a prayer came into my heart and I began to pray. I saw no pictures no images and had very few thoughts. After a time a qi gong excersize came and I excersized. I followed the excersize. Many people came and left this holy place where I was I didn't pay any attention. After the excersize I remembered the diamond sutra how subuti wrote about the Buddha to the smallest detail. He got up he put his robe on and took his begging bowl into the holy city. This pupil had been with the Buddha since the very begining. I thought about how this bottisattva subuti knew every detail of what the Buddha did and the level of concentration. A Buddha and bottisattva are very far away from me but master chen says we can learn from them. My excersize in the church was like when I sing. I wait, become empty, and it happens or something happens. It happens only when we wait for it.

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    Kenneth (Samstag, 16 Juli 2011 23:34)

    What is emptiness? Emptiness is a state of being where one is a clear mirror to the other. To be empty means to not be bound by anything such as a body, soul, person, taste, a thing, a desire, a wish, a habit, an original spirit, a level, an energy, a force, an idea, a dogma or doctorine, a dharma. When one is not bound by anything then one is beyond like the bottisattva or Buddha in the diamond sutra. The beyond then happens when one is empty. Waiting and emptiness are important for excersizing qi gong or spontanious movements. How does one become empty? Letting go or surrrendering and allowing the beyond or it to happen through you. By waiting I mean to be totaly there in the present full of vitality, then it happens. When I am singing my goal is to become the music. When I am so full of ideas, pressure, thoughts, bad habits, wishes, emotions, trying to, have to then there is no place for the music. When I am empty or a blank canvas then it can happen or the divine can speak through my work. Then I do my best work because I am clear and completely there.

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    Kenneth (Montag, 01 August 2011 14:04)

    I really want to thank the tawain center and Master Chen for the Pu du Cermony this weekend. I watched part of the live broadcast. Our ancestors, and our family are important as we are always connected to them all the time. I excersized the ball in the lower
    tantien which connected to my soul. I understand how big an influence our ancestors and family have on us even though they have died or are far away from us. When our ancestors and family are happy and free from fear this can help us a big step in our inner cultivation. A big thanks to our master that we can create a place for our ancestors in our hearts and that they are happy and free from fear.

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    Kenneth (Mittwoch, 03 August 2011 20:14)

    Ich versuch auf deutsch zu schreiben. Ich war heute in schwimm bad und habe geubt. Das Wasser hat mein gedanken gereinigt. Ich habe anfangen zu schwimmen mit viel gedanken und mein aufmersamkeit war nur im kopf bereich. Wasser ist kontact zu der Erde und es hat geregnet war viele Wolken im Luft. Dann langsam fur eine stunde geschommen. Immer weniger und weniger vorstellung weniger gedanken weniger begierden weniger dann ist es gekommen. Ich war wins mit das Wasser und wasser habe mich gezeigt viel geld im grosse schwimmbad Boden das geglizert hat. Am schluss hat himmel erde in mein herz gekommen und ich war klar im kopf im herz und essence. Dann ist grosse gewitter gekommen und ich muss raus von wasser.

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    Kenneth (Samstag, 06 August 2011 03:10)

    In der letzte eintrag ich habe in wasser geubt. Das ist nicht geignet fur anfanger. Ich wunsche alle schuler von meister chen gute qualitat in der ubung und das hochste zu erreichen. Was ist das ziel beim uben? Eine gute ziel ist das gesundheit langsam mit respect zu verbessern. Viele wolte das wahre herz endecken oder das uhr geist zuruck kommt. Mein ziel ist durch mein gesang und ubung von der meister mich selbst zu kultiveren. Genauer gesagt ich will durch kultiveren mein eigene fahigkeiten endecken andere zu helfen mit respect fur der meister mich selbst und alle liebewiesenheiten. Wir alle kann uns langsam verbessern und langsam erreichen wir viele Gluck und freude. Sorgen und hass sind weniger. Zu uben mit herz bedeutet das offen zu sein etwas neu zu endecken ohne wunsche gedanken oder begieren. Ich wunsche meister chen Gluck frieden und barmherzigkeit und mitgefuhl. Er hat uns viele geschenke gegeben seit er nach Europa gekommen sind in 2005. Ich wunsche Tawain center viele harmony.

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    Kenneth (Montag, 08 August 2011 03:57)

    I am studying the heart sutra at the moment. The Buddha has written the heart sutra 20 years after he had been teaching and had many students. Sariputra one of the Buddhas best students with a very close connection to Buddha is close to understanding the Buddhas main teaching: Here, o sariputra, form is emptiness and the very emptniness is form; emptiness does not differ from form, form does not differ from emptiness, whatever is form that is emptiness, whatever emptiness that is form, the same is true of feelings, perception, impuses conciousness. I find this holy text extremely important in our excersizes. The first sentence here o sariputra emptiness is form and and form is emptiness here what does Buddha mean by here? Space from his standpoint. Epmtiness is form and form is emptiness. This is liberating statement like saying life is death and death is life. Form is nothing but emptiness itself and emptiness is nothing but form. Why is this important in our excersizing? Even though we are human beings with a body and senses with a form we are inherantly without form empty. It's a paradox. In our excersizes we are full of desires, thoughts wishes and attitudes but this statement is liberating us from all of that. When we become still, quiet and are not centered around our thoughts emotions desires wishes then something comes out of that stillness emptiness. It comes. Spontanious movements come out of that. Wu Wei becomes Jo Wei and then Jo Wei becomes wu wei. All comes out of emptiness and the emptiness becomes the all. When we lessen our thoughts desires wishes and habits we are inherently empty. That is very important to my excersizes. When I understand that form is empty and emptiness is form I am no longer afraid.

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    Kenneth (Mittwoch, 10 August 2011 00:50)

    Tonight I excersized with the moon. The moon has a good Qi to excersize with. It needs much respect. During the day I excersize with the energy of the sun. The moon can balance or harmonize yin and yang in my body. I first imagined the moon in my heart and then in unteres tan tien. Then after a few minitues of collecting Qi I excersized without vorstellung and will. Then my body became so quiet I almost stopped breathing and just became the movement. I felt all the blockages in my body organs bones shoulders and spine and the bad energy went out and was harmonized. All became really still silent almost unnatural. I saw no pictures. I want to emphasize something important: excersize without vorstellung. Without will but with respect and so soft as possible. Even without breath or as if the breath is unimportant or you forget it. First we forget the senses: eyes, mouth, ears, nose, vorstellung and body. Then we collect Qi with respect. Then our body moves and we follow. Then slowly softly with much patience we move our attention softy to our heart space. We wait and see and the heart then leads our movements. Any pictures we see we forget them. Then we become one with the movement the whole body is one with our movement fluid like water. Then comes a state of stillness where the heaven and earth come together in us. Then at the end of excersizing we thank the heaven and the earth and our master. This is how I excersize.

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    Kenneth (Freitag, 12 August 2011 11:41)

    Was ist respect? Respect ist wichtig fur unser ubungen. Respect ist mehr als ein wort. Es ist ein gefuhl. Es bedeutet das wir uns demutig sind vor uns selbst andere und alle liebewesenheit. Wann ich mich selbst in harmony bringen ich brauche respect. Respect vor der natur, und alle krafte das gesamt und der Meister. Respect bedeutet auch liebe fur mich selbst, liebe fur andere und liebe fur alle wesenheiten und der Meister. Respect ist auch selbst control.
    Wir versuchen beim uben uns selbst mehr in harmony mehr in Gluck und unsere gesundheit auch verbessern. Ich versuche mein alltag mehr in selbst control mit liebe und ein bissen demut. Oft ich sage der falsche tue der falsche und beim uben ube der falsche. Mit respect kommt auch gedult. Gedult fur mich selbst gedult fur andere gedult fur alle liebe wesenheiten und der Meister. Ich folge was der Meister sagt so gut wie ich kann. Ich hore ganz gut was Er sagt. Langsam verstehe ich was er sagt im Herzen. Im herzen ist respect ganz wichtig. Ich habe respect fur mein fahigkeiten und was ich ausdruck fur mich selbst fur andere und alle liebewesenheit und der Meister. Respect haben wir alle und wir lernen wie kleinkind mehr und mehr respect zu haben. Wann ich respect habe ich bin nicht so wichtig. Die ich was ich meine ist mein ego. Alles was ich tue gift mich selbst andere und alle lebewesenheten. Die topic ist sehr gross. Ich respectiere mich selbst, andere, alle liebewesenheiten und der Meister.

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    Kenneth (Mittwoch, 31 August 2011 04:49)

    This evening I excersized the one to ten. I went very fast into the wahre bewegungen and first my goal was to regulate the one that the one is clear. I had an experience in the last training seminare in the mountains with Master Chen that the one in my heart is not clear. There was something in the one that made me unclear and my movements were chaotic and uncontroled. The one in my heart was unclear because I lied to myself and others throughout my life. I was unable to love myself and did not beleieve in myself and sought this from the outside through my singing. I sought to win the respect and praise and love from other people throughout my life through singing. This was false or not true. The one in my heart was not clear and my heart was unquiet and not true. I could not control myself or control what I was doing because the one was not clear. As I had this experience many things became clear. My goal is that the one in my heart is clear. Then that all the other numbers are clear. That my original spirit then corrects the one and I examine my motivation all the time. How do I correct this problem? In excersizing I keep my motivation pure and am very aware in the one that which is hidden or not true. In the normal everyday life I am aware when I lie to myself and refrain from doing this. I am more aware of my emotions thoughts and desires than before and I have seen many changes in my life since the last seminare with Master Chen in the mountains when he said "You saw yourself". The statement rings clear for me " to thine own self be true".

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    Kenneth (Mittwoch, 07 September 2011 03:54)

    This is a follow up to the last blog. I excersize very often in a large swimming pool that is not deep. I correct the one first and then my original spirit then masters the one. My original spirit then masters what is hidden in the one and all the other numbers as well. Then I notice after an hour there is no one or other numbers. The movements are clear like the water, like crystal. That what is hidden in the one in my heart is a being. It wants to be known, loved to be the center of the universe. It does not want to cultivate or to be true or to believe. It is like a black hole. I understand this being. I am one with it. Its who I am.

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    Kenneth (Freitag, 16 September 2011 14:35)

    I excersized today in a large park. I see in my excersizes that i dont follow my geist and i dont respect it. This happens because i dont believe in myself or my geist. Often i say inside i follow you, but i make what i want. This connects to the one in my heart and that being that is hidden in the one. When i dont follow my geist then i dont follow my own wisdom either. How do i correct this? First i close the six roots, then i open the root of wisdom in the head. The next step i correct the one and that what is hidden. I correct all the numbers from one to ten, harmonize all organs, yin and yang, harmonize all diseases, all illnesses go out of the body as well as bad Qi. I máster my geist, soul, Qi, essence and everything comes into harmony and balance. I máster the heaven and the earth and my abilities. The heaven and earth collect in my untere tan tien. Qi collects in my untere tan tien. The way builds. I am the máster of my destiny. When i correct the root of wisdom and the one and that what is hidden in the one i am able to follow my geist and to believe in myself.

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    Kenneth (Samstag, 17 September 2011 15:03)

    I excersized today in a large park. I see in my excersizes that i dont follow my geist and i dont respect it. This happens because i dont believe in myself or my geist. Often i say inside i follow you, but i make what i want. This connects to the one in my heart and that being that is hidden in the one. When i dont follow my geist then i dont follow my own wisdom either. How do i correct this? First i close the six roots, then i open the root of wisdom in the head. The next step i correct the one and that what is hidden. I correct all the numbers from one to ten, harmonize all organs, yin and yang, harmonize all diseases, all illnesses go out of the body as well as bad Qi. I máster my geist, soul, Qi, essence and everything comes into harmony and balance. I máster the heaven and the earth and my abilities. The heaven and earth collect in my untere tan tien. Qi collects in my untere tan tien. The way builds. I am the máster of my destiny. When i correct the root of wisdom and the one and that what is hidden in the one i am able to follow my geist and to believe in myself.

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    Kenneth (Mittwoch, 12 Oktober 2011 06:18)

    I was for three weeks in América and almost a month in Japan. Japan is a wonderful place and i had good and deep excersizes there. I tried to followed my geist and let it teach me. After correcting the one and that what is hidden in the one, correcting the vorstellung is a problem that i have in the grundlage. I have also the problem that i see too much and then i corrected the seeing. I have too much love and very often i put things into my love which dont belong. Correct the love then correct the weisheit. I dont believe in myself because i dont follow my own geist or wisdom. Next i correct my belief in myself. When i believe in myself i dont need to take and sit on massive amounts of Qi that i take other people places or things. I often took bad Qi and bad karma into myself. I dont want any Qi. When i follow my own wisdom my own spirit, and correct the problems i have in the grundlage then i will máster my own wisdom.

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    Kenneth (Donnerstag, 13 Oktober 2011 22:27)

    I want to write about a quality in my excersizing. After correcting the faults in oneself, then i forget them. I experienced often in excersizing that each time i excersized it was new. I found a very soft quality even softer and more fine moré subtle. It was a quality of the heart. This quality i wish for all students. It is the soft quality where the buddhas and bodisattvas live and where they teach us. A level once one drops the wishes, will, desires and habits and becomes very soft subtle and more soft then it happens. We reach the buddhas, Gods and bodisattvas through the softness and clearness of purity of our hearts. We can be taught by them and learn from them. This is also how we reach nirvana through softness, not through the power of will or forcé of our thoughts or the might of our Qi. Softness stillness clearness is a way to the Buddha the beyond where it resides. When our motivation is good and we have corrected our faults and drop them forget them. This is what the Buddha is speaking about in the Diamond Sutra. After we have the six senses gekapt and corrected our faults then we let them go or let them fall niederlagen. This quality to be taught by the Buddhas and Bodisattvas i experienced in Japan. This i would wish for all máster chens students this quality. Its a small very fragile suble quality which exisits in each students hearts. It leads to that which is true to the beyond the other shore where the Buddha lives teaches and resides.

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    Kenneth (Dienstag, 18 Oktober 2011 16:27)

    Today and in the past weeks i was excersizing in the zero. In the zero all numbers all beings all bottisattvas aré present but i dont see them. In the zero is the all. In the zero it feels like the death or when one is dead. It is an energy field of Qi which helps me regulate and see myself moré clearly. I see the one in my heart and i saw this week that i was not honest or true. I saw my líes and decieit. In the zero i can regulate this my organs and the energy inside the spine the illnesses, the thoughts. To harmonize oneself on all levels to be clear and to expand the clearness to other parts of the body where there is no clearness, wishes and desires and habits. The zero has no form its an energy and the absence of energy at the same time. The most important thing is that i observe my líes and deception when the one is not clear then i am chaotic and uncontroled, then i have too much love but my love is full of beings which aré not harmonious. When i am uncontroled then i am in fear doubt and concern. My Qi and essence are very often schwach because i am unclear or i make myself unclear during excersizing. The goal is to be clear and to correct the Qi essence and geist and the heart becomes clear, the love becomes clear and the wisdom respect and grundlage all become harmonized and stable. As i excersize i believe in myself i love myself and i respect myself.

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    Kenneth (Montag, 24 Oktober 2011 05:07)

    I am excersizing the diamond sutra. When the Buddha is speaking to Subhuti about "because that kind of person is not caught up in the idea of self, person, a living being or a life span. They aré not caught up in the idea of dharma and non dharma. They aré not caught up in the Notion that this is a sign and this not a sign. Why? If you aré caught up in the idea of dharma, you aré also caught up in the ideas of a self, a person, a living being and a lifespan." then i tried an excersize: i am happy. I am not happy. I am happy and not happy. I am niether. I made this with my heart. In our hearts minds and physical bodies aré much suffering and thoughts. The Buddha is speaking about not being caught up in the idea of something. The way we see or percieve things is not how the Buddha percieves things. In this excersize: i am happy. I am not happy. We can change our perception into the Buddhas perception. I tried excersizing with many different words and i could see my own complexes and what is behind them. This was a great cleaning for me. It is a way to regenerate too.

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    Kenneth (Mittwoch, 02 November 2011 20:59)

    I am studying the diamond sutra. " does the tathagata have the buddha eye?" here the Buddha is asking subuti his student does the tathagata have the human eye, the divine eye, the eye of insight, the eye of transendent wisdom and the eye of the Buddha. Subuti answers yes. The Buddha eye can see in all realities past, present and future. He can see all forms of suffering, all dimensions from the underworld to the heaven, heaven earth mensch, cosmos, universe, and the uhrsprung or origin of all things. He can see the divinity of all sentient beings. He can see the soul and the original soul, the spirit and the original spirit. Most importantly the tathagata can see us. This i find the most important of all that the tathagata can see us.

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    Kenneth (Donnerstag, 03 November 2011 16:25)

    In the diamond sutra the Buddha states to subuti " Subuti, what is called Buddha dharma is everything that is not Buddha dharma". I am a Christian but i can still practice Buddha dharma in essence. When Christ says "this is my body broken for you, take and eat. Here is my blood, take and drink." This is a form of practicing Buddha dharma, a practice of mindfulness. When i eat i eat, when i drink i drink. This is Buddha dharma in essence whatever we do we practice mindfulness through awareness in the moment. The last supper is a good example of thirteen people sitting together in mindfulness eating and drinking completely there. An excersize: try to find other examples of Buddha dharma in the bible, the gita, judaism, islam.

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    Kenneth (Donnerstag, 17 November 2011 06:51)

    In the last weeks i entered into the uhrsprung in excersizing. The uhrsprung is the origin of the spine, the organs the body, the spirit, the soul, the heart. It is a state where the vertibrae can be repaired and put right the organs can be cleared. The when i excersize i imagine going into the sun. Then i become extremely quiet and let the body move. It is a method but in this method there is no method, form and no form. The essence of the organs wirbelsaule ruckenmark becomes regenerated. This state is important in correcting faults patterns, false pictures beliefs, in correcting the original heart the orginal patterns of the soul and the original patterns of the geist. In this state diseases and bad Qi, karma can be harmonized. This excersize goes together with the sun to enter into the suns fire. It can also be made with the cooling energy of the moon or water or nature. My experience with that was strong. I could see all my difficulties problems with my body in a different way and correct them. All the roots to all my physical problems lié in the uhrsprung. I could regulate all aspects and work with the root issues of my problems.

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    Kenneth (Donnerstag, 01 Dezember 2011 20:01)

    I want to thank Master Chen for the 11 day seminar in Munich. The ceremony at the end was a very intense experience for all of us that participated. I am completely different and i excersize differently after that ceremony. I feel moré quiet in my heart and my spirit. Moré harmony inside and more clear. As i excersized on sunday i laid down the I AM. I also dont excersize with emotion and love. In the ceremony all i learned From máster chen and others i gave to my parents as i lit the light of my uhr geist, uhr herz and uhr seele. I lit my parents as well in the ceremony. I reached a level in excersizing and in cultivating and my parents aré now on this level where i am. Many of my family and ancestors were helped by this ceremony. I felt everything that i learned and experienced before were a part of the ceremony as well. I cleared some major problems in my life at the theatre. On sat. I was laying down and the movements started and ended by themselves. A tremendous power in the spine opened during the training days with máster chen and i could run to the s bahn station in 6 min. what normaly would take me 20 mins. With this power which comes up the main channel of the spine i am not tired and can excersize much longer and am more stable in life and in excersizing. Together with being clear and practicing with the true self i feel like another person altogether. This experience i am extremely grateful to Master Chen for his teaching and his own truth.

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    Kenneth (Dienstag, 06 Dezember 2011 06:47)

    I practice now everyday for long and short periods of time. I can practice right before going on stage to sing. I tell my geist 2 min. or 5 min. and practice that long. I can feel when i practice wrong and stop and start again. After practice i reflect. If i have little time then i dont reflect. I notice the different stages or phases in excersize. The movements can be very clear and the true self is present then something else is present and then the movements become clear again. The hardest thing is to be aware in practice that i am not influencing the movements with my thoughts of how the practice was before, how it should be or what i want. If i have a clear goal before practice normaly i kappen the six roots, then i check to see what the major outside influences aré to my practice and correct that. Then if i have a goal i lay it to the side after my practice has begun. I alternate having a goal and having no goal in practice. I check my geist for problems as well as soul, body as well as the other levels too. I correct that as well as any bad habits from other practice sessions. I open my heart and my love but i dont practice with emotion. I am not separate From my emotion and love its a part of my practice but i am not wrapped up in that. The heart is the boss of everthing else and the back and spine is the second boss. The energy going up and down in the spine provides stability, the heart is the main boss. Those aré my principals in excersize and the main thing is all becomes one the spirit, body and soul aré all one. This happens in the heart.

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    Kenneth (Freitag, 16 Dezember 2011 23:57)

    Tonight i understood what máster chen asked me in the seminare in nov. In Múnich. He asked me why i have so much love? He said it was my homework. In my heart of hearts is thankfulness. This is my truth. The thankfulness in my heart is connecting all things. It connects me to heaven, earth, God, my true self, my original soul and my original nature.